Ok, so we know that Fall school return is looking grim for a return to normal. Truncated and/or hybrid at best. I cannot sustain all this DLing oversight and work. I need to file for UI, but I've waited for 7 weeks and my claim is still pending. Has anyone been able to get through? You call and can't get through. Email and can't get through! Ugh. I want all of this to go away. I keep thinking this is a nightmare and I'll wake up.

I applied on 3/29 (seven weeks ago) and just got the check today. Hang in there. 

My wife applied 3/16 and has not gotten anything.   This is impossible. 

FilmCarp said:

My wife applied 3/16 and has not gotten anything.   This is impossible. 

 Ok, so I'm not alone! But, my status keeps saying pending. I'm not even at the certifying stage yet.

I applied on 3/29 and finally got a direct deposit (including retroactive back to the end of March) last week.  Eventually, claim filed saying "pending" will switch to claimed and show money below date of claim, and then you will keep trying to certify (when it's your time, according to the schedule of your last 4 SS number).  For a few weeks, when certifying, I got a message saying not payable at this time.  Just keep at it and when it goes through, you will get an email saying so.  It will come.

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