Two questions regarding vintage formica table


First question: If you came into possession of a 1950's era Formica table with a coral boomerang top, what paint and decorating would you use to integrate it into a room.

Second question: How would you convince your spouse to let you use this table in the living area of the home and not in the basement for folding laundry?


Neat table! If you use Pinterest, the color palettes and room color palettes are endless for that shade. Which do you lean towards, light or dark colors?

For the spouse part,

  1. It could be one of a kind?
  2. Any sentimental value?
  3. Orange is a warming comforting color?


pair it with neutral greys and cream colors/paints. It should be the only thing in the room in that coral color.


Here's a great site for getting ideas.  Maybe send an email to them?   They have lots of experience with Formica and such.


Cool site, and a ton of ideas, thanks!  

This table is truly one of a kind.  It is not your average Formica table, it was an old cafeteria table from Millburn Junior High.  It was thrown out in the 1970's and my grandfather brought one of them home where it's been in the basement since. I'm going back to the house tomorrow and will uncover it to double check that it is in as good condition as it appears.  If so, then I have to figure out how we'll move it, it's HEAVY.

Oh, and my husband agreed to using the table.


It's a beautiful design!


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