Trump demonizing immigrants

it seems to be working so people won't be upset the way the immigrants children are being treated and gain support to an immigration policy that seems not to differentiate

between the immigrant trying to sneak through the boarder and the ones that turn themselves in at boarder points of entry asking for asylum.

I understand even the asylum seekers are having their children taken away and clasfied as unaccompanied minors to be put in  holding shelters according to the laws put in place concerning unaccompanied minors picked up by the boarder patrol.

Trump's demonizing those he's against and/or who opposes him is part of his tactic to gain support from the American public as far as I can see .

Republicans always stoke fear so that they can position themselves as strongman/woman to gain support. It's what Bush did with terrorism, every time an election was coming up the terror thread level went up, and when the election was over it went down again.

Now that the republican party moved more to the far right, they are creating a joint enemy (preferably a group that cannot defend itself, because they are cowards too). Right from Hitlers playbook.

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