Told my position is now redundant...


So yesterday afternoon,  a bit out of the blue, I was told by HR that our Board has taken a business decision to reorganise our satellite office here since it’s been losing $$$ over the past couple of years. As a result, my position is now redundant and the duties will be carried out by a case manager as part of her ongoing role. 

(Uh-huh. Like she’ll have time to do laundry twice a week, supervise kitchen paperwork to audit standards, attend community transport meetings and sit on the grants approval panel, attend the very early breakfast Network meetings once a month... let alone check out all the venues and the food suppliers we need to at the beginning of the year, before everyone gets back after Christmas. She’ll never manage to get the monthly kitchen self-audits done, and she has to because no-one else who could do them writes in English)

I was given a 2-page letter from the Director explaining the situation, and listing my entitlements. It also invites to a formal meeting next Monday.

I’ve spent today catching up with my union rep, a support psychologist and my super fund. After next week’s meeting, I’ll know more about when I’m finishing, but I figure it’s about a month from now. I’ll talk to the right financial advisers but I’m 63, I’ve been there just over 10yrs. 

What am I missing?

Should I try to work the notice out?

Should I play nice and not say anything, until HR/my manager does? (She didn’t even hint this was coming up nor attend the meeting yesterday, or contact me at all)

Do I bother about any kind of handover, when everyone reckons they know more about doing this job than I’ve put in? (They don’t know the regular cycles of what needs doing when; they’ve never listened)

TIA. I’m remarkably calm. I know I’m still connected to the actual Community, and I’m grateful for that. 


Oh. Writing this is possibly breaking our social media policy. Sigh. 


Not breaking it at all.  Wish you were closer so our community could put our heads together and come up with some job leads.  Do you have the equivalent of AARP in Australia?  They have a data base of age friendly companies and job listings.  That is the practical side of things.  The emotional is a totally different thing and as you know, something you will have to work through over time.  If you need emotional support and more suggestions than you imagine on coping skills, you have come to the right place.


wink thank you, Joan!

Yes, there's COTA and various Seniors & Probus groups that have local chapters and committees working with over-55s looking for work. In fact, there's a local learning hub not too far from me that houses a Men's Shed as well as U3A and various retraining and mentoring agencies for early retirees looking for some light employment. 

I'm not quite eligible for them yet (need my separation certificate and some other paperwork). You've reminded me our local libraries have wonderful, free weekly tech workshops including 3D printing, and all kinds of software. So I can update all those skills cheese

Resume's being updated, and all my quals are being checked for currency. (A cousin is a careers counsellor)

I do wish I were closer...OTOH, you're always here when I can't sleep  rolleyes  Thank you, MOL!


I’m very sorry to read this, joanne. Your calm has been a remarkable hallmark as long as I’ve known you on MOL.

A cooperative handover, it seems to me, might serve two purposes: You’d feel better knowing you did what you could for the community on your way out — and it gives you one last chance to get across to your supervisors (and that case manager) how much you do. If you took a list like that second paragraph to your formal meeting and handed it over with a “OK, what else would you like to know about the needs that’ll have to be filled?” maybe it finally opens some eyes.


I’m certainly taking home my Greek dictionaries! smile They’re the only ones on the premises, too cheese

They’ll also lose access to all the accessibility aids we have; they have no idea what we have in the Centre to help people, that I’ve brought in from my own resources. 

Ah well... 


Do you get a pension?

Can you collect Unemployment Assistance until you find a new job?

At what age can you collect your equivalent of Social Security benefits?


SO sorry to hear this - 

any chance they may take you on as a consultant after they figure out that they can’t adequately cover what you do?


There’ll be some unemployment benefits but I’ll have to wait around 16 weeks or so after I finish work before I can start claiming, because of my payout. That’s one of the things I’m checking on, though cheese 

It’s not a great time of year to be facing this, however one of my strongest contacts is the local Volunteer network. They’ve just started a new Community Visitors program that might be a good fit, and there will be other seasonal projects I might be able to help with. 

One exciting thing: I think I qualify for free travel public transport smile


Scully said:

SO sorry to hear this - 

any chance they may take you on as a consultant after they figure out that they can’t adequately cover what you do?

 We have a saying here: Buckley’s & Nunn (after an old department store). I reckon there’s Buckley’s chance they’ll call me back. I’ve had many ideas on how we could grow our client base and increase funding, add projects, develop joint research projects with other agencies and at best three were used elsewhere 6 and 4 years ago. Current middle management have ignored  everything I’ve said. 


Redundant, awful word, ugly word. Its like your a shelf good, to be thrown away when expired or no longer desired.

I'm very sorry this happened to you. I can tell from your postings you're very intelligent, caring and nice.

Sadly, life can be so unfair. I hope something really good will come to you.


There's a little less smoke in the air now (it's windy this morning), I think I'll go to aquafit today cheese 


Wishing all somehow works out for the best, Joanne!


Here’s hoping it all works out.  I partially like DaveSchmidt’s last sentence, above, possibly adding in a question as to how they plan in dealing with the loss of accessibility aids of yours which you mentioned. 


Sorry to hear about your situation. It sucks.

I wish you well in finding a new and  better position.


ctrzaska said:

Here’s hoping it all works out.  I partially like DaveSchmidt’s last sentence, above, possibly adding in a question as to how they plan in dealing with the loss of accessibility aids of yours which you mentioned. 


And since you are devoted to your community, if you feel moved to do so, I would try to do the cooperative handover (for their sake at least.)  But then remember the importance of self-care and know that there is every chance that this might be one of those cases where a door closes, but then a window opens for you ...

(I know, I'm an eternal optimist.  That will be my hope for you anyway!)


Just got a phone call from one of the ladies, asking about a team member who’s been unwell. While we were chatting, she mentioned something about him retiring (he often half-hints about ‘one day...’) so I answered vaguely no, he’ll go long after I have. But I made it sound as if plans were hazy and distant.

She still started to cry, and panic. Just the thought that I might leave scared her, and she’s only been with us 5 years. 

Oh dear. 


Remember back when I used to run the radio station? It’s now part of what is called the Reading Network. 

My federal Member of Parliament is responsible for their funding (and their lack of adequate funding). There’s an opening on the national Board for a State representative. I’m applying. 


Sounds great!  Hope you get the position.  With the support you have in your community, I am sure you will find something which is a really good fit and makes perfect use of your knowledge and skills.  Keep open to opportunities and don't feel uncomfortable about networking whenever and where ever you can.   

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