Tiny Ants

Started seeing these around my office and some in the kitchen.  Seems like an odd time of year for them to pop up.  Anyone else noticing these?

I do have some ant baits around and I do see that they're working.  Do they lose their effectiveness after awhile?  Maybe I need to put some fresh ones out.  

perhaps @author might have an idea.

We’re noticing them also. Used a new trap last year, but forget its name. Will post back when I find it. 

FWIW, I usually just clean up thoroughly wherever I see ants, using my good basic surface cleaners to remove all dust and grease. Then I wipe every surface down with a cloth moistened with a mix of water, borax and either oil of cloves or eucalyptus (both quite sparing as they're strong scents). Go as far back along the trail as your can to a wall. 

The oils confuse the ants' 'radar', overwhelming them so they can't communicate and lose their way. Easier to spot lone stragglers and kill them so you're safe for months. I had an invasion just after New Year. 

I think it's the mild weather. I've noticed some tiny flying insects (maybe gnats?) in the house, which is unusual this time of year.

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