Things I don't get

a union health plan

many laughs


Neil Young

Donald Trump


Enough sleep

Reality shows


Leaving off “of” when saying couple

Trumpers and Trumpettes

The Beatles 

Funko pops

Reality TV

Billie Eilish


Woody Allen movies

College/University athletics

how people can call themselves 'christian' but hurt others persistently and not try to change.  I went to a catholic hs, my religion teacher said good catholics felt it was okay to sin...even molest long as they confessed....then all would be forgiven...and everything would be okay...(like when people die from abuse, it makes them okay since the abuser confessed)....  that teacher was a 'brother'

The responses to the thread "An English Major's Laugh of the Day"

A conservative's sense of humor

Why I continue to root for the same sports teams despite years of mismanagement

Lobster claws are delicious.

I don't get:

Patti Smith

Babes In Toyland

Wedge salads


bubble tea

pdf files

Lobster tastes like the ocean.  'Nuff said.

Sea urchin tastes more like the ocean.  And is more delicious.

lanky said:

Sea urchin tastes more like the ocean.  And is more delicious.

 Little neck clams taste like the ocean. Yum. I was raised catching 'em and eatin' 'em. Unfortunately they're gonna to be extinct before too long.  The Great South Bay, where I was raised, has no more clams.

I misunderstood the thread title.


screen time while walking

buttons on boxer flies

Hunting, Fishing

Golf, baseball, football

Card games



shoes with no socks

lake (fresh-water) swimming

sports cars

herbal tea

sandals with socks

the need to recline an airplane seat

gwyneth paltrow

letting your cat be an outdoor cat

store-bought birthday cakes

people who think knitting takes patience when it actually gives patience

Chicago style deep-dish pizza.

Cubs and White-Sox hats with deep-dish pizza emblems.  See:

Black licorice.

Liver (or liver and onions).

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