The Final Frontier

Twitter is worried that the rest of the crew is wearing red shirts.

As tired as I am with the billionaire space race - I am glad that Captain Kirk made the ride.

jamie said:

As tired as I am with the billionaire space race - I am glad that Captain Kirk made the ride.

 Me too, and at 90!

Today is not a good day to be a Romulan.

That is all.

Chris Boshuizen, one of the other passengers, is from Tumbarumba in New South Wales. That’s just north of where I used to live in Howlong, and more importantly it’s 183 miles south of Parkes with the huge observatory and telescope that helped with the moon landing, and so many other space missions. Chris is ex-NASA.

This piece by Josh Marshall on Shatner in Space is pretty good:

Don't know if this is one of the membership-only articles but you should be able to see the first few paragraphs at least.

Here's a short quote which gives some of the general flavor:


He spoke of space as death, darkness, ugliness. He describes having the blue blanket of the Earth’s atmosphere suddenly ripped away moments after takeoff. Suddenly you’re in darkness. “Is it death?” he asks Bezos. He described this as akin to having a blanket suddenly ripped off you before you’re ready to get out of bed.

Shatner’s whole reaction was less the limitless possibilities, something more like being tossed out of Eden. He couldn’t stop talking about the irreplaceableness and fragility of the earth. Apparently Shatner is very big on the climate crisis. So he went into this morning primed with these thoughts. (At 90 he is probably thinking about the approach of the end of life.) So these perceptions are quite timely for his interests, our current moment in climate history and the fact that they are … well, completely true.

I really liked what Shatner had to say - but if you didn't see the moments leading up to it - it was pretty embarrassing to watch the Bezos champagne celebration.

It's at the 3 minute mark in Kimmel's opening:

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