Telemarketers and Robo Calls Disguised Something Else


Please I’m not sure where this belongs. Please I want know if other people have been getting Telemarketers and Robo Calls Disguised Something Else? Like Nostrums, Macy’s South Orange NJ, NJ transit. I have been getting a lot of these kind of extremely annoying  phone calls. How do these people get away this using other names to disguised themselves, so people think a legitimate business or the town of South Orange NJ is calling them? Only for you to find out it is either a Telemarketers and Robo Calls calling you, once you answer your phone. I personally find this to be extremely annoying. I have put my phone on the do not call list and it is not working because Telemarketers and Robo Calls are disguised themselves as business that would not be on the Do Not Call List. Is there away to stop this?


They spoof (fake) the numbers they call from making caller id useless with regard to spoofers. Those faking their phone numbers couldn't care less about the DO NOT CALL list. If anything, they may even use the list to determine valid phone numbers.

They're in business because many answer and are fooled into buying their worthless products. Does anyone really think buying something like a vehicle warranty plan is worth anything considering the seller is a spoofer? But as Barnum said, there's one born every minute.

Myself, I find caller id worthwhile. I use caller id to only accept calls from those who are in my cell phone book, the phone automatically reject other calls. Accepting only friends, acquaintances and business associates.


Yes, we all get these calls and there is nothing to be done about it right now.  Maybe in the future the government / phone companies may find a solution, but it is probably going to get worse.  

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