Teacher gift advice

HS Senior daughter has a guitar teacher who has been fantastic over the past 5 years. As D moves on to college we would like to get him a gift to say thank you. Teacher is in his early 30s. I am thinking cash / visa gift card but not sure how much is appropriate as I worry I may give too much and it may be insulting! 

One suggestion I've seen for a yearly tip is the cost of a regular service (lesson, hair cut, etc.) so that would be a nice amount, although you could double that amount if that is what you tip around the holidays. 

I'm a classroom teacher and cherish the notes my students have sent over the years.  A note from your daughter would be a lovely addition to whatever you decide to give.

Also, I have trouble imagining that anyone would feel insulted by a generous gift.  Considering how financially difficult this past year has been for anyone in the gig economy, your kindness (in any amount) would be greatly appreciated.

ditto what ebennett said - especially about including a note. Money is nice and will be appreciated, but heartfelt sentiments in a note last forever.

Thanks both. He will definitely get notes from both my daughter and myself. Good point on the economy, he works through  music school but I know he lost a lot of students when they switched to online. And of course his gigs have been few and far between! I will go with my gut on the monetary gift.

On behalf of music teachers everywhere - thank you for doing this.  So often our students leave us with just a quick "thank you". Notes from you and your daughter, as well as a gift, is very thoughtful and kind.

I am guessing he will be extremely grateful for cash and a heartfelt, handwritten thank you note. 

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