May your Fast be easy, may your years be sweet and peaceful

From our family, to yours; from our corner of the globe to yours; and from our ‘annex’ in the MOL-verse to your sofa or screen: shana tova! Happy new year!

May it be sweet, healthy, harmonious, and hope-full! May this year be the beginning of an  era of wisdom, patience, understanding, encouragement, kindness and consideration for others.

May it also bring safety for those facing natural disasters and uncertainty for any reason; a return to complete health for those who are unwell, and comfort for those who grieve or have suffered loss. 

Thank you for your friendship. And thank you, too, the Brothers Ross for starting all this!  (I’m not sure if you realise how much I treasure our links) 

Kol Nidre night already, here. 
And while it might be true that there’s nothing new under the sun (in human behaviour at least), humanity seems to find new ways to remind ourselves of what should be timeless and classically  true. 
May your family, friends and community stay healthy and strong; may harmony and peace grow stronger, and defeat ignorance and fear. May your Fast be easy. May the seasons be kind. 
Shana tova, stay well!!

Lovely to read this morning, joanne, thanks for your kind wishes and "back at you."

rolleyes m

L'Shana Tova.  May your fast be a meaningful one.

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