The September 29th Debate

Since the other thread went off on a few tangents, thought it may be best to focus tonight's debate in it's own thread.

~15 minutes to go!

Here's a few bingo cards:

Tonight's topics:

  • Candidates' Records
  • Supreme Court
  • Coronavirus
  • Economy
  • Race & Violence
  • Election Integrity

Debate will be 90 minutes- no commercials.

Looked like the whole Trump family is there - even Tiffany.

And we're off!  Who's watching?  grin

Trump basically says his supreme court pick is really good.

Trump trying to push socialism.

Didn't take him long to say "That's a lie."

Roe V Wade is not on the ballot says Trump.  .lol

Wallace is not letting Trump take over.

Trump looks awful. Flustered. Angry. Joe looks cool and amused. 

"47 year period" will be repeated a lot.

Holy cow. Trump looks like an insane person. 

I'm not gonna listen to him.  (says Joe)

"do you have any idea what this clown is doing?"  WOW

Will you shut up man!

Chris Wallace does not sound calm

jamie said:

Will you shut up man!

 Classic Biden.

Trump is an idiot and all he has is bluster. 

It is what it is because you are who you are.

A crushing line.

How nuts does Trump look, twitching and shifting his head around. 

Can we get a urine test now?  lol

Trump is turning more orange by the minute 

Harris said scientists will be MUZZLED - which is what Trump constantly does.

Trump is bragging about his brain again.

Waiting for Trump to say, "I know you are but what am I?"

Trump is so dumb.

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