SOMa Comic Book Chat

See you tonight if you want.  Will send you Zoom invite.

Hope to see you in a week for The Walking Dead, Compendium 1. Or please join us iac.  Will pm you the Zoom info.  New people are welcome.

Please join us this Thursday.  We’re meeting at a member’s home so rsvp.

Thanks for coming and hosting!  Please join us next month if you like comic books, manga and graphic novels.

Sorry, forgot to post the book for July. It’s Sandcastle by Peeters and Levy, free on  My bad.  And thanks to last month’s host.  Date July 30th at 8.  Please join us.

We’re meeting Friday at 8.  Please join us via Zoom.

Our next book will be Sweet Tooth, book 1, for August 26th.  Please join us and save the date.

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