Seasonal Greetings, for all or no faiths: best wishes for all MOL-land


It’s already Good Friday/erev Pesach here, the quiet dawn of an extra-long weekend. A rare day with no holiday traffic, no holiday crowds rushing to festive markets or up early to get those noisy DIY jobs done.

Just the ancient natural sounds of birds, breeze, somewhere some water on rocks and sand, some early drizzle moving away as the clouds drift inland...

May you all have a peaceful break from the usual stresses; May your family time be harmonious, with love renewed. May you and your communities be safe and well.

Maybe this return to simpler times will bring back to some sanity? cheese

As I sat to greet you, I looked out over the lake - there was a beautiful rainbow! Just there for 5 minutes. I hope you can see it.


"On Passover, Jews are commanded to tell the story of the Exodus and to see ourselves as having lived through that story, so that we may better learn how to live our lives today. The stories we tell our children shape what they believe to be possible..."

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Passover Essay 2015 for the American Jewish World Service.


Special Seder Friday night as my youngest grandchild (barely two) took part  wink 

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