School Board Member tries to intimidate cop into not giving her ticket.


I have to say that I both admire the officer's professionalism and am happy to see that the cops are finally cracking down on speeders in front of this park where my children regularly play.

My family will not be voting for Stephanie Lawson-Muhammad in any future election.

Video Shows School Board Member In Altercation With Police at Traffic Stop in South Orange


You beat me to it, Klinker!  Just posted link in Maplewood Specific forum.


She went off the rails. She pulled the race card, "Poor me" card, "Do you know who I am?" card and the "Guess who I know that's gonna fix your sorry ***." card.

On the other hand, in another thread, a poster writes that she has been a positive influence on the B.o.E. 

Although I never have, many of us have gone off the rails and said something we regret. I would not like to be in her position this morning. 

Does she deserve consideration after an apology that may, or may not be forthcoming?


Maybe give the other one the "Education" category label.

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