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Has anyone used A1 Professional for roofing? They quoted me $9,500 for a new roof and gutters. They showed up, ripped off half of my roof, and then told me it would be $22,500 to finish the job.

That's outrageous. Do you have a contract?  A copy of their license and insurance?  How much money have you given them?  Can you cut your losses, fire them, and hire a reputable company?

Did they find something really awful under the shingles? How are they justifying the price increase?

Did they get permits from the town?

Roofers don't have to get permits any more to replace roofs.

Take them to court. Maybe they discovered that the boards under the shingles have to be replaced. You didn’t give too much info. Either way they should have been able to figure that out when they came to look at the job. But that’s a ridiculous increase even laying down new  CB plywood. Something is not right here 

Get the detailed contract and upcharge in writing. 
contact the division of consumer affairs. Sounds like a bait and switch. 

I’ll be honest 9500 sounds really low unless it’s a tiny job. But to ask more than double leaving you in such a predicament sounds like a scam. Did you get other estimates? 

Give Tico's a call and have them come take a look at it.  Maybe there is something that is causing the price increase, however on the face of it, it looks like a bate and switch.



He said ALL of the plywood had to be replaced and he would need 60 sheets, which is bull. The house isn't that big. I had gotten three other estimates all between $10K and $12K. Two parts of my house are small additions so I knew the plywood there was fine. Most of the sheets he took off were structurally sound but had water stains which he claimed was rot, It was not. There we no leaks anywhere in the house.

If you want another roofer to do as a second opinion, I can highly recommend Scotty's.  I had the opposite experience, I competitively shopped, and he made the best sense and had a competitive price.  As he worked, It turns out that the add-on had good plywood, so he lowered the price.  (I never would have known the difference.)  Scotty's Roofing, 973-731-0013

Outrageous. Hope you get a satisfactory resolution. 

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