RIP eyetry

Below is my Facebook post in honor or Corey Fagundez (a/k/a eyetry on MOL). Corey was a prolific posted on MOL back in the day so I thought it fitting to copy the post here. She will be missed.

It’s a very rare thing to know someone who is both unapologetically authentic and inherently unselfish. For most of the 25 years that we lived in Maplewood we had the privilege of calling Corey Fagundez our  friend, but she was more than that. She was another mom to our daughter just as she was for all of the children that she cared for. She was a steadfast supporter of our community, a perennial presence at  Maplewoodstock year after year. She would show up before noon and would  always be one of the last to leave each night. Corey was the Mama Bear to her children. Going to every game, every performance and always insisting that she take “one more picture”. Her support of the girls Ultimate Frisbee team was legendary. She was, without a doubt, one of the strongest people that I knew. She fought her battle with cancer for years and until this morning every time it knocked her down, she got back up and lived her life. Her heart was full of love and she shared that love with her family, her friends and her community. Unfortunately, she finally lost the battle with cancer this morning. She will be missed terribly by so many. I truly believe that the we live on by how we have touched the people in our lives and our memories of those we lose help us in our grief. Corey certainly touched many lives. So, I post these pictures of Corey as these are some of my memories of this great woman. RIP, my friend.

Oh no.

Corey took care of our daughter for the first couple of years. A generous and wonderful person. I can't believe she's gone.

Oh no!  I knew her as Corey Ayala, and my condolences to her family, especially her amazing daughters. I don't remember how we met, but we crossed paths frequently -- even once randomly on the Rutgers campus. She and her daughters were always so happy to see us and catch up, and she was just warmth personified. 

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More MOL folks may recall her later handles "Eyetry" and "Corey" as she updated her handle with the MOL site updates.

Thanks for sharing - RIP Corey.  Her MOL username was eyetry.

Condolences to family and friends.

I am so sorry to learn of Corey's death.  She was a friend who was always cheerful, always there to help.  She will be missed by so many.  RIP.

Very sad. I have so many random memories over the years where she was just there, with her own kids or others, always with a positive thought, a smile, a helping hand. Condolences to the many whose lives she touched. 

She was a very good woman who shared her love and kindness freely.  Her kids are my kids' ages, and we crossed paths at school, CCD, Maplewood pool, marching band, Maplewoodstock, Rutgers, etc.  She knew everyone.  And saw the good in them.  I was always glad to see her smiling face.  Rest In Peace, Corey.  You will be missed.

A very giving woman gone far too soon.  Condolences to her family and friends.   

How blessed our community is to have known Corey. 

She was the first person to come over and sit next to me when I became a GS leader at my first leaders only meeting. I knew one other person in the room so I bet I looked lost. When my daughter decided to go to Rutgers, Corey was her Fairy Rutgers Godmother - dropping all sorts of Rutgers swag/gear on my doorstep for my kid. Last I saw her was a few weeks ago for a window visit. RIP my friend.

Cory was a wonderful, exuberant and unique person.  She had such a warm, internal energy that embraced all around and never stopped, even when she was sick.  She used to drive my son to school, way back in the day so I saw her a lot and she was never without those Ultimate Frisbee coupon books! I always looked forward to seeing her around town or at Maplewoodstock or wherever the town action was going on.  I still can't believe she is gone.  It's just so sad. 

What a wonderful tribute Tom you wrote in Corey's honor. Every word is so true and meaningful. Thank you.

Here is her obituary and link to the gofundme page for donations to create a Columbia High School Scholarship for Ultimate Frisbee players.  Also, here is the link to the funeral home page:

Coral “Corey” Ayala Fagundez, age 60, longtime resident of Maplewood, NJ and formerly of Brooklyn, NY, died peacefully on Tuesday, February 9, 2021, ending a long and strongly fought journey with cancer. Corey was a loving wife and mother, but her love extended to all the children and parents of Maplewood and South Orange; many families counted on her supreme caregiving skills to help them raise their little ones. Corey was jokingly called the ‘unofficial Mayor of Maplewood’.

Corey’s life’s work was her family, her community, and especially her two girls. She spent every day in service to the people around her, finding small or large ways to connect or brighten your day. Corey was the “ultimate” team parent, traveling around with and cheering on the CHS ultimate frisbee team, and supporting the sport at CHS long after her girls graduated. Corey was the greatest cheerleader for all the family events in Maplewood – the duck race, July 4th, and her favorite weekend of the year – Maplewoodstock! Corey was a girl scout leader for both of her daughters and was a steadfast supporter of the South Orange Maplewood School District.

She was a special and caring friend, and many of us in Maplewood have stories of her humble offerings of a meal, a ride, or a shoulder to cry on. Corey had the unique gift of helping others to see the joy in all the little details of life. She was preceded in death by her parents Arlene Nottage and Joseph Ayala, and her sister, Tara Ayala. Corey is survived by her loving husband Hugo Fagundez, her two daughters Alex and Sam Fagundez, her son Salvatore Insinga, and her siblings Scott, Ruthie, and Jolinda. Her spirit also lives on in the children she babysat for and mentored: Marisa Boily, Caitlyn and Jordan Schaefer, Elizabeth, Gavin, and Liam Bennet, Hannah Baker, Jennifer Hill, Adrienne Manly, Jackie Goda, Elizabeth Guida-Poutre, Anais Abeigon, the ‘yayas’ (Julia, Juliet, and Erin), Abby, Ellen, Risa and Joey, Ian Rice, and Megan Cunningham among countless others.

Among Corey’s greatest accomplishments are her deep and loving friendships. She will be missed tremendously by her closest friends Lisa Insinga Corletta, Maria Blodgett, Donna Curatola, Beth Boily, Cheryl Galante, Jeanmarie HK, Debbie Young, and Nancy Shaefer. She leaves a legacy of kindness, generosity, and joy in so many others.

A celebration of Corey’s life will take place in June when we can safely gather outdoors and share memories. Corey’s family has decided to honor her memory by donating a bench in Maplewood for all to enjoy, as one of her favorite pastimes was relaxing and chatting with her Maplewood neighbors. Additionally, a scholarship will be started in Corey’s name through the CHS Scholarship Fund to support a CHS Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Player to attend college. We hope that this annual gift honors Corey’s love for ultimate frisbee, her belief in the potential of young women, and her commitment to serving as a ‘stepping stone’ for the next generation.

We welcome you to join us in supporting this scholarship in Corey’s honor through GoFundMe, and we hope you will join us in celebration of her tremendous life in June. We know that Corey’s legacy touched so many, and we’d love for you all to continue to share stories, memories, and photos of our mama.

Wow I never knew she was Eyetry.   Saw her all the time all over the place.  Very sweet person.   Always seemed to be helping people.

May she rest in peace.

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