My child is fresh out of braces (one week) and therefore - new to retainers (tops and bottoms). Has anyone dealt with it this early?  Curious (and a bit worried) this will set him back - bc he is so new w/o braces (new to retainer). He has an appt for at orthodontist on monday. 

If anyone has any feedback, I’d much appreciate hearing about it. Thanks. 

My feedback is that you have to wear it as instructed.  I got lazy and my teeth shifted ... to the point where I could no longer even put it on.  So, although my teeth are somewhat better than when I started orthodontia, they aren't nearly as straight as when the braces first came off.  Unfortunately orthodontia often happens at the tween/young teen age when kids have little frontal lobe development and a hard time really caring about this sort of thing.  We had other issues with orthodontia with one of our kids and it all makes me wonder if it is really so smart to do this at this age unless the kid is definitely motivated about it.

If the child refuses to use the retainer it will almost certainly make the investment of an orthodontist a waste of money.  I know from experience. 

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