Reminder: Vote Today (Maplewood)

Today is primary election day in Maplewood.  Even though for many of us most of the offices we will be voting for are uncontested, it is worth voting in person to learn how to use the new balloting process.  The instructions seem easy to follow but there could be issues.  

You must completely fill in the circle below the name of each person you are voting for. Otherwise, the scanner will reject your ballot.

The tables on which you fill in your ballots are flimsy and low to the ground. No chair was offered at my polling place. If you have back issues, this could pose a problem.  

The tables at my polling place are situated in such a way that anyone passing by can see how you are voting.  This could be an issue for some though nobody looked over my shoulder while I voted.

Despite what I was told by a poll worker this morning, you do not have to vote for someone for each office for your vote to be accepted by the machine. A split vote is fine. Hopefully, the poll worker will not offer this incorrect information to anyone else today.

Be sure to wear your face covering while at the poll.  This is being enforced and face coverings were available at my poll for those who were not wearing one when they entered the building.

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