Recommendation for a Structural Contractor

We are looking for a structural contractor for our home. We had a structural engineer come to our house and he told us that we had some beams that needed to be replaced and that we have problems with the foundation. The structural engineer recommended that the house needs to be raised in order to fix the foundation problem. He drew up some plans for us. We are looking for some recommendations for contractors who do this specific type of work. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

We have used MacAuliffe Contracting for structural work. They are based in Kenilworth, NJ. They have sistered beams in our basement and installed permanent columns. Tomorrow they are working on replacing our sill plate (provided it is not pouring outside). They worked closely with our engineer.

+1 for MacAuliffe. They replaced the main beam in our house, jacking up our house about 2" in the process. Our house hasn't collapsed and we've had a couple other contractors through the basement since and they both were like "wow, nice work!" when they saw the beam replacement. So I guess they're good

Thanks for the feedback.

Just curious...@lab104 - which engineer did you use? We need to consult with someone

Who did you eend up using as engineer or contractor?

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