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There's a lot of fake news out there, but there's real journalism too. Loved this story in/about the Washington Post:

And for those not subscribing and at your monthly article limit, here's a writeup of the same story at Vox:

The short version is, a conservative group tried to trick the Washington Post into reporting a fake story about a woman impregnated by Roy Moore. But, because the Post is a real newspaper, they didn't fall for it.

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That story is AWESOME. What a bunch of sleazebags. I'm dying to know how they saw her enter the office. Did they have someone monitoring the office door the whole time? 


They def had a spy on her.  She was not terribly bright, either.


the most embarrassing part of these Veritas stories is that its founder is a Rutgers grad.  Can the university rescind his degree?


Busted yet again. Not so bright, this Rutgers grad and his minions.


Will Saletan offers a helpful timeline:

Nov. 9: WP reports Moore accusations.

Nov. 10: Project  Veritas agent emails WP to offer bait.
Nov. 11: Moore says: “There are investigations going on. In the next few days, there will be revelations about the motivations and the content of this article.”

Perhaps Roy Moore knew about this woman who was going around talking about him.


I'm waiting for Okeefe to be found in bed making love with some undiscriminating farm animal...

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This happened to the Rachel Maddow Show too, over the summer. Some conservative was shopping around a fake story, hoping the show would run with it and then discrediting Maddow.


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