Re-Purposing Large Shipping Cartons


I have about a dozen large shipping cartons, coffin type (separate lid, fits over lower half), and very clean. Sizes are 12-19" wide, 8-13" deep and 36, 48 or 60" long.

If anyone can think of a re-purpose, I will be happy to deliver in MSO.


people are always looking to make raised planter beds. I bet these would be great. I'd use one for herbs if any are available. 


Tom can they be made into sitting benches-- if so i would love to see them

do they look like this?


Interesting...what do they look like?


kibbegirl said:

Interesting...what do they look like?

Imagine a shoe box with separate lid, and the lid has sides that fit entirely over the lower half.

Cartons are 16-19" wide, 8-14" deep and 3', 4' & 5' long.

I imagine that they could even be used to build an indoor castle or fortress for preschoolers.


Do you still happen to have any of these left? I would be interested for storing camping gear.


I recycled half, but still have 8-10 on hand.  What length of you need?


How many do you need?  I can deliver to MSO area on Wed evening.


I pm'd you. Thank you!


I got some from Tomcat last year and cut them down to the size I wanted, taped them together, covered them in wrapping paper, and they are great storage boxes for odd-shaped shelves I had. Hides all the clutter!


I currently have one 3' long, and 4-5 of the 5' size.  If anyone can think of a use, I will be happy to deliver.


Tom- just wanted to thank you for the boxes.- glenn


I have received a number of orchid shipments, so I have many of the large HD cardboard cartons available again.  They are 'coffin' type with separate box & lid, which fits entirely over the box (= single layer top & bottom, but double layer sides). 

Most are 4' long, 8-12" high and 16-20" wide.  If anyone can use them, free delivery in MSO.


If I was 10 I would use them to build a fort.


I'll take a few. Will PM

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