Playing at Maplewood. Excellent.

We complain about the crap showing at local theaters. If stuff like this isn't supported, crap is what we will get.


Thanks for the heads up - looks great:


Absolutely loved it - and learned a lot too...


If you watched Game of Thrones or the most recent Avengers movie.......you entertained yourself

Now it is time to educate yourself.  The single most important document in these United States

is the US Constitution .  The small select group of people charged with interpreting  that great

200 year old document......and applying these interpretation to our modern life is the US Supreme

Court.   These are the true defenders of our rights.  At a time when so much of our Congress is beholden to corporate interests and the very stability and motives of the President can be questioned.There sits quietly the Supreme Court saying " No, this is not right"

Still at the Maplewood Theater............see it for yourself,  your children and your grandchildren



RBG is on CNN tonight at 9 pm.

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