Quick! Need a reco for Easter Brunch!

Big brother is visiting from Ohio. Sunday plans fell through. Need a place to eat. Help!

Is the Essex House in WO any good? Haven't been there in 30+ years.

i like wineberries in summit

bklyngirl said:
i like wineberries in summit

 looks pretty good. Thanks!

Bummer. wineberries is all booked up.

Do you need to eat in the restaurant or can you bring in takeout?  That's our favorite work around.

Although if I had someone visiting from Ohio I would be very tempted to feed them bagels and lox ;-)

Wish you luck in finding a good spot.

we've made a rez for Essex House as  a backup, but I'm still looking.

The Manor or Highlawn Pavilion (view is great)  are other local possibilities.  

McCloone’s has a buffet.  Also most hotel restaurants will have something.  Try the Hilton in SH, the Old Mill Inn in Basking Ridge, the Madison Hotel in Convent Station come to mind but they are on the expensive side.

How about cooking it at home?

tomcat said:
How about cooking it at home?

not this year.

so where did you end up?

Essex House in West Orange. It was ok to pretty good, and a good time was had by all, so it worked out.

They had an interesting version of penne vodka, which, as far as we could figure out, had a hint of cinnamon in it.

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