Preschool-Any Openings for 2015-2016

Am I too late for local preschool registration for 2015-2016...if you know of local preschools with openings do tell

Prospect COOP still has some openings.

Contact me for Weekday Cooperative Preschool in South Orange at

Email the registrar at Morrow Memorial Preschool. There may still be open spots in the classes for your child's age group.

Thanks all. I love South Orange-Maplewood and especially maplewoodonline.

Beth El may have some openings- we have been very happy with the pre-k program!

A bit further afield, but Playhouse in West Orange is great and may still have space depending on your child's age. or 973-736-9451. Lots of Maplewood/South Orange families there.

Our Lady Of Sorrows Pre-School is excellent. Loving, caring excellent reputation!!! Love it. Call to schedule an appointment!!! Lori Lantier is the director of the pre-school she is wonderful!!!

Lori Lantier is amazing! We had such a great experience with the preschool at OLS, we kept our daughter in the school! She is in first grade and we are so happy with the program. Our younger daughter will be in the Pre-K 2.5 program this fall.

Mickey Fried in a South orange is wonderful and I am pretty sure they have some spots!

Le parc place, right near able baker in Maplewood. They are relatively new, but the best school (of three) I have found for my youngest...

If you don't find a space right away, it is worthwhile to get on a few waiting lists as spaces do usually open up during the summer here and there.

St Rose of Lima along Millburn Ave in Short Hills has a great program, and the 3 yr old teacher, is especially wonderful! I send my children there because they have a lot of flexibility between 3 and 5 days, and its very easy to extend your child's day to include lunch or "poppins", which is afternoon enrichment. We are so fortunate to have a lot of preschool options to choose from here.

sac said:

If you don't find a space right away, it is worthwhile to get on a few waiting lists as spaces do usually open up during the summer here and there.

+1. This is how my older daughter got a spot when we moved to Maplewood 3 years ago. I put her on lists as soon as we had an accepted offer on a house (May) and by July, she had a September slot in the 4-year olds class at the Y. oh oh

I'll add, if you like a school and have a little one planning to start mid-session, it's definitely worth getting a spot on the list. My son missed the preschool cutoff for fall, but got a spot starting in January and I couldn't be happier I planned ahead and kept him home until then.

I also recommend Mickey Fried.

I highly recommend The Children's Academy in Springfield (10 min drive). It's a montessori school. We loved it there!

+1 Weekday Pre-School - great family environment !

Prospect Co-Op has openings.  It's a wonderful, warm community of families.  Registration and contact info is available on our website:

I also highly recommend Beth El. I've had 2 attend the school and was an assistant there for several years. It's warm and welcoming and Sandy Sachs is an amazing director. She can be reached at 973-763-0113.

Highly rec St Rose of Lima. PreK program is one of the few 8-3pm 3-5 day programs around, can also go just 8-12.   Teachers are phenomenal.

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