Pine Barrens Graffitti


I went on a tour of the Pine Barrens this afternoon. One of the stops was at a brick factory that was abandoned in 1905. Kids have graffitti'ed the place. The remnants of the building, trees around the building railroad track in front of the building and even the road in front of the building.

It is an isolated area. During the time we were there, (approx. 20 minutes) not one car passed. The railroad track has been abandoned since 1977 but it may be restored as a tourist train.

I am usually no fan of graffiti but I found this to be strangely attractive.

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It looks like there are off-road motorcycles in one of the photos.  Did those belong to your tour?


No. They came to the site as we arrived. They were mid 20's, pleasant. Joined us on the tour of the site to point out holes on the floor of the site that would be a hazard if we hadn't been aware of them.

Off-roaders are doing severe damage to the barrens. There are minimum efforts by the state authorities to chase these guys but with little success.

We came in the little green bus in the second photo.

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Great shots, Jack.

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And colorful!!!


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