Pennywise's lair?

Not easily noticed when you are driving West on I78, but in the base of one of the wild life overpasses in the reservation, there is a door (facing West).  Coming back eastbound, it is easier to see.  

For the past 4-6 weeks, the door has been standing open.  I have taken several photos (a little blurry due to being taken from a moving vehicle), but I can't see anything inside.

Anybody know what is behind that door?

Well, it's almost Easter.  The stone has been rolled back.  Maybe someone is about to emerge. 

Someone used to put a Christmas wreath on that door. This would have been in the late 90s when we lived in Basking Ridge but still came to Maplewood a lot.

Interesting!  Never saw that before

It gets better.  Apparently the door came off the hinges (was ripped off??).  

Today it was propped up against the door frame.

Now I'm curious to go take a peek. That door has been a source of curiosity for me for the last 24 years!

Saturday update:  It is still propped up, but has been pushed a bit to the side.

Hope tomorrow's extreme winds don't blow the door clean away.

I drove that route on Thursday and it was closed. Otherwise I definitely would have stopped to check it out.

Curiosity Can be dangerous for cats, and humans alike. What makes people want to stop on a busy interstate highway to go investigate an opening under an overpass? Are you that nosy? You do realize state troopers are in that area, you could be coming back here to ask advice on how to fight the tickets in court. Go brave. 

When the parks re-open, take a hike over to that wildlife bridge.  There's probably a corresponding door, for an entrance for a staircase that leads down to that door.

A non-MOL person saw this thread and asked that I post this:

This is the only lighted Land Bridge and it is at least POSSIBLE the door is an entry to an electrical switching room.
It would make sense NOT to even go near the door until it is clearly known that it is safe especially in wet or even damp weather.
Another clearer view from 2016:,-74.375384,3a,75y,302.67h,84.5t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1shmhydTwEkFpZwDpe6J4SJA!2e0!7i16384!8i8192

I drove that way yesterday and it was open

I never would have noticed that door, open or closed, if it were not for this thread 

blianderson said:

I drove that route on Thursday and it was closed. Otherwise I definitely would have stopped to check it out.


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