Patio builder/designer

Hi there. We have a very old wooden deck that is falling apart and I’d like to replace it. Not sure if I want wood or stone, but regardless does anyone have recommendations on a contractor or builder who can help? Not just build it but also help change the design and dimensions etc of what we have now. Thank you!

While I built a plain little patio for myself (23 years ago, and it is still in place and level), doing a larger installation now is probably above my energy level.  However, let me pass on one bit of advise: 

I have seen a lot of garden installations (patios, walk ways, etc.), which were done very poorly (pavers uneven or migrating).  In most cases, this is due to an inadequate base below the pavers.  For a solid foundation, contactor must dig out 10-12", and then:

  1. Use 4-6" of crushed stone.  Tamp it down.     )  Insist
  2. Use 4-6" of sand.  Tamp it down.                   )  on this

and then lay the pavers, making sure that there is a very slight drop-off away from the house so rain water is led away.

We used Dean Weiss about a dozen years ago for our patio. Very happy with the results to this day.

Carmines for the patio.

Tico's for the deck.

Both Matt (Carmines) and Jorge (Tico's) are very easy to work with.



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