Noom Weight Loss

Just got a "D" rating from Better Business Bureau.

Trial $ turns into a subscription that they balk on cancelling. Average cost is $120 per month.

Nothing about if you actually lose weight.

I question the $94 per month, unless people were signing up for the yearly plan and quitting after two months.  

Other than that, I can’t comment.  I’ve never used it, and their prices, even the $25 per month one (not shown below, I read that price in an article), seemed too high to me so I didn’t investigate further after seeing what it costs.

I used it for two months. I had a coupon code for those 2 months and it was $20 per month. Then I canceled. It worked but the pricing model is nuts and I don't recommend it. Now I use MyFitnessPal for $50 py.

My friend had been using it since mid-January and lost over 15 pounds in 6-7 weeks.  I tried the 2 week trial for $3 and quit the day before it expired.  No problems, but they offered a free version, which I still use for tracking meals, weigh-ins and steps and 3x daily ask if I'm ready to come back. My friend drank the Kool Aid and is still paying for it.  (Probably paid the annual fee)

The average cost per month for the four-month plan commonly offered is $35, not $120, and I easily canceled using instructions provided (after losing 13 pounds, better than I'd been doing on my own). 

If you approach it with the right mindset, and if you're motivated by having some $ in the game, Noom works as well as any program requiring accountability. But in the end, the writing in the daily lessons was mind-numbingly atrocious, and there are plenty of accountability programs available online that are free. 

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