Nintendo Switch

Anyone have a Nintendo Switch and can enlighten me about it?  My kids have been asking me if we can get one, and I am wondering what the difference is between the Switch models (V2? Lite?), and also what makes it different from other game consoles.  It's extremely popular and mostly not available to buy anywhere.

Following, although I've also heard they're impossible to find.

It's the one game system I don't own so I can't give first hand knowledge about it beyond the fact the Lite version is strictly handheld and is $100 cheaper but both play all the same games. I found this that may help.,LCD%201280x72%20...%20%206%20more%20rows%20

We have the switch, it is handheld for travel but docks to the TV. Our kids aren't huge gamers but enjoy mario cart and fortnight on it.

I know nothing about the Switch but just saw an article that they are back in stock at retailers.

Well, that’s good news!  The second hand market for the Switch is ridiculous and full of scammers. 

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