New book suggestion thread

I know there’s a long one someone but I thought I’d start a new one.  What have you read lately that was great?   Looking for a well written novel with a plot I can get my teeth into.  Loved The Son. Bel Canto. Story of Ove.  Gone Girl.  The Art of Fielding.  


If you go to the Reading Room you will find some great recent book suggestions.

I really liked both Weather and The Night Watchman.  Both are recent novels.

I am nearly finished reading Just Mercy.  While this is classified as a biography (autobiography really), it reads like a novel.  

Exactly what Joan said about Just Mercy - excellent and very readable.  (And important!)

The movie is very good also.

I didn’t realize there was another thread that’s active.  I’ll check that out.  Read Just Mercy. So powerful and horrifying.  

I just finished Deacon King Kong by James McBride and I liked it a lot. 

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