need recommendations for oil tank removal company and driveway black top re-do

Looking for recommendations for driveway black top re-do.

Also seek a good oil tank removal company.


for driveways - Essex Morris:

Also - if you start a recommendation thread - please include keywords in the title.  "Need recommendation" is a bit vague.  You will see an edit option on the discussions list:

Driveway: We have used and really liked JWH & SONS 973-467-0195


For re-paving the driveway, I had Carmines do it.  Very happy with their work. At first I was a bit annoyed with them for letting my driveway settle for almost three weeks, but after reading up on the process, turns out letting the gravel settle is key to the blacktop not crack later.

For sealing the driveway, I had come out and give me quote (they came right away, quote was reasonable).  I would have used them last fall but I ran out time weather wise (was doing other work on the outside of the house).  Can't be too cold or it doesn't seal correctly.



My recommendation for driveway, curbing, concrete work:
George's & Sons Inc General construction
9734146190 Office

Re; Oil tank removal.  Is this a tank that was decommissioned a while back?  Filled w/sand or was tank used recently?  Do/did you have Oil tank insurance?

I'll check but I think I used AA tank removal. They dug up the driveway and lawn. Mine was not decommissioned. I did it to switch to gas, not expecting a problem but they found a couple of dime sized holes so they had to dig deeper, until they could get a negative test for oil.

I had tank insurance and I was using Petro Oil delivery.

You can't pave right away as the earth settles. I think I waited about 6 months. In the meanwhile they covered it with gravel.

I used Paul Ianiro Contractors in West Orange for tank removal. They were very professional and reasonable. Fortunately, no leaks. 

5 Orange Pl
West Orange, NJ 07052 

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