Need last minute campsite recommendation that DOESN'T require a reservation (or might still have last minute reservations available)

Can anyone recommend a campsite within 1-2 hours of here we could go to that DOESN'T require a reservation (or for which they might have available last minute reservations?) We'd need to be able to park our car right beside where we set up our tent. We were originally planning to "spontaneously" leave tomorrow but now realize it isn't as easy as driving last-minute to a park or beach. Thanks for any help!

- A.

dogwood haven in upper black eddy! old school, frequently has spots even on holiday weekends, call ahead but they don't call back til the evening, right by the D&R canal trail for biking, near Ringing Rocks Park, where you can hit rocks with hammers and make music of sorts. (Heaven if you are 5 year old boy.) Pack hammers. Good trails there too. 

And, on the NJ side of the bridge, the local grocery store makes some fabulous sandwiches.

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