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just got approved this afternoon for a cute little rental, so we're moving home faster than we'd planned. Of course, this is overlapping with some other events that can't be shifted so it's feeling more overwhelming than usual - and we have a lot of stuff.

Does anyone have a good Checklist or set of Checklists they can link us to, please? It'll save time on the searching while I'm 'panic-sortingsolving' several other things. 

Your advice, as usual, very much appreciated!


Let the Post Office know sooner rather than later.


now I need a checklist for the checklists....! Snort!! cheese 

Obviously Post Office and Electoral Commission, banks, employers, telcos, utilities, dr, dentist, etc.

We're getting removalists, and bond cleaners. They'll do most of the heavy work for packing - there's no way we can pack, store and still live in this teeny space. What we will do is clean up/clear out a load of stuff we won't use again! And turf a lot of rubbish (finally). 


Ya'll are totes adorbs when you're speaking Australian....

Wishing you the best with your move, Joanne!

joanne said:

What we will do is clean up/clear out a load of stuff we won't use again! And turf a lot of rubbish (finally). 

Gasp!  But you might need it

some day.


sprout said:

Ya'll are totes adorbs when you're speaking Australian....

I was about to post something similar.  The variety within the English language is amazing and sometimes amusing!

Good luck with the move!


apart from 'turf' for 'throw out', I'm not sure what was Aussie-speak? *scratches head* This is what I love about MOL - I learn so much!  rolleyes 

Thanks for the good wishes!


'Moving Home' - Here we would be most likely to say that when talking about our 20-something children finishing college and returning to live with their parents.  I certainly knew what it meant, but it isn't used that way here AFAIK.

'Removalist' - I never heard this term, but I think I get it.


"bond cleaner" - also clear but I haven't heard it before.

Best wishes in your new place! and meanwhile, hang in there.


hee hee! OK - we're not moving house: we're moving from a teeny unit (the granny apartment at the back of another ground-level apartment, all under one roof) to a self-contained bungalow with a garden at the edge of a waterlily-covered lake, inside a 'resort complex'. So: we're moving our home. Not 'moving back home'. 

Removalists are the professionals with the trucks, who are also trained to help pack properly. 'Movers' don't pack, and probably break stuff, possibly bash into walls etc as they try to 'ease' bulky furniture into the house... Removalists have insurance for your stuff, and for their liability, and also for their workers' safety. Movers, well mostly they don't - they make you sign agreements making you responsible for everything including their stupidity. 

Bond cleaners - miracle workers! A very special kind of home or office cleaner who specialises in making everything 'as new' again, so you get your bond back. They work best when the place is empty, doing each room ceiling to deep-clean carpets, washing down walls, and every surface in-between. They'll fill cracks, shine glass/mirrors/wood, clean venetians and louvres, remove cobwebs, mould, wipe light globes (bulbs), clean bathroom fans and inside your kitchen rangehood...  It's better than a Spring Clean cheese


Congratulations. I saw a bit of your home on facetime, and I thought it looked nice. I hope the new place is even nicer.


OK, so I actually did not understand "bond cleaner."  I was just thinking a cleaner with their own insurance or bond for liability.  Actually this sounds like a wonderful service!  (And here, when we rent, we have "deposits," not "bonds"....)

Hope it's all going well.  Your new place sounds lovely!  (and it's a great day for turfing?)


we have deposits, too: 'first and last week', then an amount usually equivalent to a month's rent held in bond in a neutral Trust by the Rental Authority (RTA),  in case of damage to the property. 

The deposit merely stakes your claim to the property, and gives a little cushion should you be late with rent. The bond is for repairs. You always want your bond back! Landlords can't keep it for normal wear and tear (we have some paint flaking, for example, because he used cheap paint and we've been here 4 years). If you've left behind a sticky oven, or there's dust on the light fittings, or on top of the door jambs or in the a/c vents or a cobweb in a corner of a cupboard, the landlord or agent might use that as an excuse to claim 'neglect' : 'we had to call in special clean-up crews', and you lose your bond. But if you use bond cleaners, it's obvious they've been through (everything is sanitised).

The last day here, D has an appointment with the sleep study docs. LOL The week we're moving, he's being tested for memory changes (MRI, CAT scans, psych tests, the lot). Partly family history, partly post-chemo brain. So it's not exactly the best timing! But then, it never is. 

It's really funny that we're moving into an over-50s 'village''s so not us! We're probably not going to join the general activities much (we're not joiners, we tend to do our own thing). The view is really pretty - you can see some, I think, if you look up Paradise Lakes Resort, Runaway Bay Queensland. (Not the one in California!) There are wild wallabies just up the road, yet it's closer to my usual shopping malls than here. 


From what I see, you'll be moving to a place that has a bit more room for guests than the one you're about to leave.  If a MOL-er brings a sleeping-bag, can they lob for a day or two?

I so love this emoticon .. it conveys a whole range of ideas:  smile 


only a night or two; lease limits guests' stays. BUT there's a friendly motel just down the road, just about 5-10 mins walk with good coffee in-between. Good Chinese, nice health food, I'd avoid the new owners of the fish and chippery. A new Japanese is opening soon. cheese


don't forget it's triathlon and marathon season soon, and Commonwealth Games in April next year! 

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