Montclair Learning Center


I'm thinking of sending my daughter to MLC for a week over the summer for Robotics camp. Is anyone familiar with this place?


I highly recommend" target="_blank">L3 Academy. It's also in Montclair and offers similar programs.


You will not regret it. A couple of years ago I sent my now 9-yo son to robotics at Montclair Learning Center out of sheer desperation (an unplanned week, following his beloved soccer camp). He RAVES over it and, best of all, he doesn't seem to realize he's learning valuable skills. After the first day he said, "Mom this is better than soccer camp," this from a boy who plays travel league and juggles a soccer ball while brushing his teeth! We have gone back every year since--and sometimes do sessions through the school year. I can almost guarantee your daughter will enjoy MLC. The counselors, many of them teens and/or young adults, develop really great relationships with the kids--which makes camp extra special! (FYI, my son has two older sisters and I'm very sensitive to the fact that MLC engages the girls as well as the boys.)


Thanks so much!

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