MOL posting issue

My last few response posts and PM were a few sentences long. They look okay until I press the submit button, and then most of my words disappear except for the first few words. Is anyone else having this issue?

Are you posting in the title field or the comments field?

joan_crystal said:

Are you posting in the title field or the comments field?

 I am posting here. But sometimes my response it cut off. 

When you post a PM, there is a subject field and a message field.  The subject field is limited to the number of characters you can post in that field.  The message field is open ended.  Make sure you tab after completing your subject field before you start writing your message.  Example:  Subject Field:  Words Disappear in PM.  Message Field:  When I post a PM most of my words disappear after I hit submit.  My response to you was PM specific.  If you are also having problems when you post to a discussion thread on the message board, I would need more information to help you.

I'm not clear - it is on a discussion reply or a PM - Private Message?

What browser are you using?  Are you on mobile?  If you could recreate a post that gets cut off - that would be helpful.

If possible - take a screenshot of what the post was going to be so (right before submitting) that we can see exactly where it got cut off.

Here's an example of what this post should say:

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