Maplewood Township Committee Meetings audio

I hope they can get this fixed.  I was going to start posting them on a regular basis - but here's the last couple:

Even when they do run - audio is lousy.

At least they are trying:

Sound is fine on FIOS.  Problem is with live streaming and Comcast.  Agree this needs to be fixed.

And I have brought it up with the Mayor and they are aware of it.

It has been an issue as long as I can remember.

We have audio - not the greatest - but it's working at least - here's the last meeting:

Well, we have audio - but I hope it can be improved this year.  Congrats to our new mayor - Frank McGehee!

Budget Meeting - January 18

January 21st committee meeting:

Audio is a little better - but still room for improvement.  I did go over and offer to look into it a couple weeks ago - but they said the company responsible was supposed to look things over shortly.

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