Maplewood's Bocce Court

Got to test out our new bocce balls today.  For those who don't know - we have one bocce court close to the paddle ball court on Oakland Road.

If you don't have balls - there are some on site in the box.

Does anyone know how to play?

Let's hope so - it's a great game.  And for those who don't know:

And if you happen to find yourself in Seattle and want to play some bocce at night - head over to the Rhein Haus.  I'm not sure if there's anything equivalent in NYC.

Twist and Smash'd in Astoria has an indoor bocce court, and there a couple of leagues in the city that some of my friends play in. We used to play in Washington Square until they closed it down for renovations, so we moved to the James J. Walker park and eventually to McCarren Park. Haven't played in a few years, but it's nice to see we have a new court nearby.

Finally!  I've been waiting years for someone to build one of these oh oh

Aren't there also bocce courts in South Orange at Mead and Meadowbrook, near the duck pond? (Maybe gone now? We've been away for a while.)

I always appreciated the good humored way the (old) guys playing there interacted with our kids, who stopped nearby on their way home from SOMS.

Hey Jamie, -what da ya mean "if I don't have balls"!?


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