Maplewood Police Blotter?

Are these a things of the past - it doesn't seem Maplewood PD releases one anymore.  What are your thoughts on this - should they?

Village Green is a good resource - here's a few recent headlines:

Rifle-Wielding Man Attempts Afternoon Robbery in Maplewood; Shot Fired but Victim Not Injured

Parkwood Diner Broken into Thursday morning:

I never found the blotter that useful anyway, they seemed pretty selective with what they would post... 

One big tip is - lock your car door!

I also heard that a number of cars that did get stolen actually had their keys inside.

The Maplewood Police Blotter does still exist.  I get an emailed copy periodically, which is forwarded to me by a friend.  I'm not sure where/how he gets it.

Should be a public record. They may not publish it, but they should give it any citizen on demand. Laws vary by state, but anyone should be able to get the blotter. This comes from the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press: 

2. Police blotter

Police incident logs constitute “Government records” under OPRA and are not exempt as criminal investigatory records because there is no criminal investigation at the time a call is made and recorded in the incident log.

Here is the police blotter email I received this morning:

"August 27, 2020; Theft from Auto; During the overnight hours, two wallets were removed from an unsecured vehicle parked in the driveway of a Jacoby St residence. 

August 28, 2020; Theft from Auto; At approximately 3 am an unsecured vehicle parked on Plymouth Ave was entered and cash and change removed. 

August 28, 2020; Theft; At approximately 8:30 pm, a resident of Boyden Ave placed several bags down in their driveway and left them unattended. When they returned several items including personal papers had been taken. 

August 31 2020; Bicycle Theft; At approximately 5:30 pm a bicycle left on the sidewalk in front of a home on Parker Ave was stolen. 

September 3, 2020; At approximately 04:30 am entry was made to the Parkwood Diner on Springfield Ave. Cash was reportedly stolen. 

In addition to the above events there were six separate shoplifting incidents between August 23 and September 4th. 

The Maplewood Police Department works hard to protect the residents and their property. We are asking that you assist us in this effort by making sure all vehicles and homes are properly secured at all times. All charges are merely accusations. Each suspect is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. "

Joan - do you have a link where one can sign up for that?

Was it from the police department e-alert here?

Jamie:  I sent you a PM.  I did not sign up for the Police Blotter emails.  A friend forwards them to me.  I don't know where he gets them from.  The police department alerts are probably Nixle.  I signed up for those on the Police Department's website.

Seriously, who leaves wallets and cash in their car, locked or unlocked?

Not to blame the victim, but “Come on, Man”...

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