Maplewood Library curbside pickup?

How does this work? A book I ordered via interlibrary loan has arrived and I can use curbside pickup. Do I arrive at the front and send a psychic message that I'm there?  ...give them a call?  The information is a bit thin on what to do.

Just go to the front door of the library. Step inside and a librarian will greet you. Give your name. Your book will be right there. It's already checked out so library card is not needed. So easy. When you return it, it must be put in the book drop at the side of the building for quarantine.

Curbside pick up days and times should be included in the message you received from the library telling you your book is in.  Main Library pick - up is Tuesday - Friday noon to 5 pm.  I don't know the schedule for Hilton Branch.  As posted above, you go to the pick-up location you requested when you placed your hold, give the person at the entrance you name and you will be handed your book.  As with holds in the past, book will only be held for a few days, so go as soon as you can.

Joan, I was trying to figure out what "curbside" pickup is.  The process you and Galileo describe is essentially the same as in the past: "go inside and pick up book".   

No.  You do not go past the vestibule.  The librarian goes into the library and gets your book for you.  The book is checked out by the library staff before it is handed to you.  

Spouse is very literal. Curbside?  He wanted to know things like :Which curb? front or parking lot curb? How do they know to bring it out to you?

Park, go up the stairs, enter building, pick up book is essentially same as past and has nothing to do with a curb.

When the library started with curbside pick-up, no patrons were allowed inside the building.  The front door was open with a large table blocking access.  A librarian would come to the open door, take your name and pass you your book(s).  Now that patrons are allowed in the building, subject to occupancy limitations, the curbside pick-up has been rebranded as "alternative pick-up."  

First Clicked link on the Maplewood Library website carousel:

Probably where the OP is getting the info from.

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