Maplewood Before 1922 archived

We've all seen the shirts and heard the stories about Maplewood being established in 1922.

Did it exist before 1922 as Maplewood?

From 1884 re 'James Ricolton"

From 1895

From 1889

Prior to 1922 Maplewood was part of South Orange. I think the area was first called Maplewood Station because that was what the railroad called the station. Pcg's research shows that even in the late 1800s the area had developed an identity separate from South Orange. This is probably why Maplewood is named Maplewood, not South Orange Township which is the case with Morris Township and Chatham Township.

This site has a good timeline of Maplewood's history -

The Village of South Orange separated from the rest of the Township of South Orange in 1903. In 1922 the Township of South Orange changed its official name to the Township of Maplewood. However, the name "Maplewood" had long been used to designate the locality.

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