Man, I love me some YouTube "DIY videos!" (3 quick example stories)


Such a great great resource. 3 quick examples:

#1. Our gas dryer would start working but then the heat would quickly shut off. Looked on YouTube, -turned out it only needed a new $15 part (heating coil) that I then ordered online and was able to easily install two days later.

#2.The day before we were to travel for Thanksgiving I noticed that a sheet of ice was forming in the bottom of the freezer, pushing itself out onto the floor and making a nice puddle. I thought “Man this could be a real problem, -I can’t pull the plug and let all the food spoil but if I leave it, I’ll have the floor covered with water when we get back".

 YouTube to the rescue again! Immediately found excellent videos on what it actually a common problem (clog in the defrost line) and an easy fix. One instructional was made simply with an iphone by a guy with a really articulate voice and I was able to fix the problem in less time than it had taken me to watch the video (!) including taking off the back panel at the bottom of the fridge.  

#3. Just today, the battery died in the key FOB to our VW Jetta. I looked in the owners manual and they actual directed owners to take it to a freakin’ dealer! (gimme a break). Again, went on YouTube and immediately found how to open the FOB and replace the 3V battery (I had been afraid to force it open until I knew how). 

SO much hassle and money saved. Thanks YouTube!

PS: I have a friend who is a foreman for a commercial construction company. He sez “You’d think that all the guys here would know what they are doing, -nope, they use YouTube all the time.”

Sometimes the internet IS a good thing!

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The Soulful Mr T

I replaced the infrared sensor (that reads the remote control) inside my very expensive TV via a YouTube video.

I called the manufacturer and they wanted hundreds of dollars to send someone out to fix it as it was out of warranty. I called their parts dept and asked about the sensor and they told me about the part and the price. $112. (They told me the part no.) I went online and found it for $29.

With the video, I took the back off the TV (very nerve-racking) and replaced the part. Bob's your uncle.

Yes, it's a good feeling.


I used it to repair my washing machine that was filling but not draining. Cost less than $3.00.

I also used it (with some help) to put a starter in my 1996 Maxima about 8 years ago. Not terribly difficult but you had to know what you were doing.

It's a great tool.


I wanted a cast iron pan.  Ones with ground bottoms cost $$$.  Lodge no longer grinds the bottom.  Yeah, you'll still get a layer of seasoning, but on a rough surface.

Enter youtube.  With a few videos, and one Avanti Pro Quick Strip attachment, plus a few more videos on how to get a good layer of seasoning on the newly ground pan, I now have a cast iron pan that is awesome and at a fraction of the cost of the high end ground ones. 

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I've used Youtube to help repair our washing machine and dishwasher.


Same re: washer and dryer.  Remarkable how simple those machines are.  I also paypal'd one of the video creators $25 (there was a note at the end of his vid - felt it was the least I could do to support the guy since there were about 100 or so vids that he had put up with step-by-step diagnoses and repairs for different makes and models - he apparently makes his living as an appliance repairman so by posting the videos he's cutting into his own livelihood).

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Steve is great for appliance repair. 


Via YouTube and The Repair Clinic online where you can get quality inexpensive parts for many household items, I have fixed a washing machine draining problem, a sensor garage problem and a host of other small issues. Love it. 


The detergent in the toilet bowl to unplug clogs has saved me multiple times.


I used one of the videos to show me how to reset the warning lights on my car.  Was going for an inspection and the issue was something not worth fixing but needed to pass the inspection.  Did the reset while on line and bingo.... 

By the way, when I needed to replace the battery for my VW key fob, I took it to the dealer and they only charged me for the batteries -- it was like $6.00.  no charge for labor.  


I learned how to braid a round challah on youtube.

I also learned how to use a commercial grade snake to clear the house drain into the septic tank (in the mid Hudson Valley).

There are probably other things I've learned and can't think of now.


Watched a guy sewing a button on an overcoat, and it didn't even matter that he was narrating in ?Chinese?.

Also, internet is a great source for owner's manuals.  Sometimes a model number will bring up info even if you don't know the make/manufacturer..

j r

Thanks to YouTube I diagnosed and repaired the door switch on the dryer with a guitar pick. I'm using videos now to learn how to repair my aluminum storm windows. 


Mike, -that's good news about the VW people only charging for the key battery. I also didn't feel like killing half a day going to the dealer but it's good to know.

Meanwhile, I'm also almost looking forward to something else going wrong around my house so I can fix that in a hurry too. Ok, that's a lie.


Silliest thing ever, not a huge money saving deal like the repairs above, but the weird t-shirt folding method I learned from youtube has saved me so much time over the years.  And since I'm now doing laundry for five, even the 5 to 10 minutes per day I save when doing laundry ads up

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Replacing the cabin air filter.  Dealer wanted 64.00.  Advanced Auto charged $7 for the filter and Youtube explains how.

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I replaced the igniter on my gas oven, replaced worn plastic glides on dryer eliminating the squeal. Replaced camshaft actuator for $37 dollars vs hundreds at dealer. Also used YouTube to fix commercial broiler and dishwasher. One thing I don’t like to mess with is gas or electricity though. 


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