Mac Compatible Surveillance Camera


My mother recently moved into an assisted living facility on the West Coast and, sadly, she has been having problems with someone at the facility breaking into the locked box in her room.  Obviously, we are pursuing this on multiple levels that include management and the police but I would like to buy her some sort of camera that can be pointed at the box and monitored over the web.  I have been happy with the Wyze Cams that we have around the house but, as far as I know, they can only be monitored via smart phone and my mother's relationship with technology dead ended with her lap top.


I should say that a nanny cam would work just as well as long as the video could be accessed and managed via a Mac laptop.


Nest has continuous recording to their "Nest Aware" cloud server that you can access on their website or via smartphone. Cost varies by how long you want the continuous recordings saved on their server before they are deleted (5 days for $50/year, 10 days for $100/year, or 30 days for $300/year).  

If you see something on a recording (before the 5, 10, or 30 days are up) that you want to save for longer, you can copy that part to a "clip". This lets you save parts of the recordings indefinitely (for as long as you have the subscription) or to download them.

Requires: You buy their Nestcam camera, which has night vision ( ) and starts at $199 for indoor (or more for an outdoor model), have WiFi, and an outlet.


I know someone that rigged a system using old iPhones as motion-activated cameras.  

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