Betty was seen in Livingston last night!!! She showed up on ring camera footage, first at Jefferson Court, near the Northland Pool, then heading south and spotted at Relkin Road. If anyone out there has the ability to reach neighborhoods in Livingston, please share this post. As always, people who spot her should NOT call her or chase her. She is extremely shy and will run if she senses that a human has spotted her. Please just call 973-568-8783 The goal is to get her comfortable with a certain area, so that a feeding station can be set up.  THANK YOU!!!!

The ACO in Livingston is a nice guy. Think he is still there and worth calling the police dept. as a way to reach out to Jimmy. I'll also post of FB. A family friend is a retired Livingston cop who is friends with the ACO.

I'll update on SOMA for Animals as a Livingston rescue friend is on there.

Thank you, Morganna!!!  I left a message for the ACO in Livingston a couple of weeks ago and meant to follow up, but because Betty seemed to be heading west, I didn't pursue.  Now that she's in Livingston, having their ACO, as well as all Livingston animals advocates, looking for her would be great.  We're putting up posters tomorrow.  

I'm going to share on Livingston FB groups!

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