Lost Cat

Hi -- We live in Tuxedo Park, and our cat went missing over a week ago (Superbowl Sunday). Totally unlike him. He goes out in the yard but hangs around and comes back in quickly. This time he went out and never came back. We have no idea where he is. We have posted on facebook groups, put up signs, called animal control, called local shelters, asked neighbors to look in their garages, all to no avail. As a last resort, I am posting here. We lived in Maplewood until last July, so who knows! His name is Hashbrown. He is neutered and around 2 years old. He recently had surgery, so his bottom and one of his front legs are shaved. Picture attached. Please let me know if you see our sweet Tuxedo boy!

I sure hope you find him, so sorry hes lost, I'm down by Mountain train station area, I know its quite far from where you are, there are a few local tuxedo cats in my area, but I will keep a look out for him.

Where did you live in Maplewood? It is possible the cat went there.

I saw a cat that looks like yours in the South Mountain YMCA parking lot last night but I couldn't say it was an exact match (didn't notice if front legs were shaved). Will keep an eye out when I am there.

Lo and behold, after 2 weeks, Hashbrown came home today! A man said that his 2 dogs found him, so he must have been nearby this whole time. Thank you all for keeping an eye out!!

Yay, so happy for you and your furbaby!

Oh that's so awesome! So happy Hashbrown is home safe and sound!

wow! so happy that Hashbrown is back home!

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