Local Halloween Houses

Who's up - who's down and new ones?  Post the location here!  I'll try to explore to see what's up and update our old google map - which is pretty outdated at this point:

Looks like the one on Summit Avenue is not up at the moment - perhaps they moved.

Giant Spider has been up all year.

If it's the one I think you mean (near Garfield, as shown on your map) they have had a few of their zombies out since the start of the pandemic, masked up and all. They're still there as of this morning when I walked by. 

(OT but on my walks I pass by a lot of things that have made me smile, like the dinosaur with the jokes near Clinton School. I know that's your neighborhood Jamie and if you know the people who keep the "christmas cracker/ third grader" jokes in constant rotation, please tell them thanks from an old woman who loves them!)

The monster tree on the corner of Oakview and Summit is worth a look. 

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