It's time for Christmas music!


epic Greensleeves, by Alfred Reed, one of the best orchestrators of the last 50 years.


another fav by Alfred Reed


my namesake and the song that started it all...


from one of my top Christmas albums - The Roches


Thank you for this thread!

I have a friend who love Christmas and works hard to make it a truly special season, but this year just can't find her spark. Having a dire & chronic health condition doesn't help much. I'll send her your suggestions, and see if they work cheese

Personally, I love Sting's old seasonal album but this year I'm finding it a bit gloomy instead of whimsically medieval. 

I've also got a lovely, decades old steel-drum band album I play at work (when I work) which merry and fun. 

I wonder if there's a hang-drum Christmas carols link nowadays?


All I need to keep hearing is the Cheap Trick CD that cuethesun recommended last year.


@author, do you have those albums (or CDs) of the usual carols but sung in Greek? I loved ringing Head Office and being on hold, listening to the muzak at this time of year cheese


Handpan Carol of the bells


Link does not work.


wedjet said:

Link does not work.

 Which? Mine? It did when I clicked it now.



"We Three Kings" in Dave Brubeck fashion from The Maplewood Glee Club--snappy!


Here's one I'm always happy to hear come on the radio at this time of year.  Couldn't find a great copy, and sorry for the ad, but you can skip it I hope.  It's kind of fun to see all the words -- some of them have gotten by me all these years.

But I'm always hoping to find myself at the only all-night grocery store and end up bumping into that guy I've been chasing all year!  Guess I'll have to remember to forget the cranberry sauce, and find the right guy to chase!   cheese 



I've always enjoyed assembling musical playlists, as some of you might know. I've put together a four and a quarter hour SPOTIFY playlist of mostly offbeat Christmas music, although there are many, many familiar tunes. If anyone is interested and uses Spotify, I can share a link to the playlist. I think you have to have Spotify to play it. It's a really fun list to play in the house during the season for days of wrapping (rapping?) and entertaining. Send me a PM and I'll send you the link.

Artists include (sorry for the double spacing) :

Ella Fitzgerald

Harry Connick, Jr.

Frank Sinatra

Thurl Ravenscroft

Brave Combo

Bing Crosby,

The Andrews Sisters

Kathy Mattea

Elvis Presley

The Beach Boys,

Mariah Carey

Darlene Love

John Lennon, The Harlem Community Choir, The Plastic Ono Band, Yoko Ono

Paul McCartney

The Kinks

The Ronettes

Stevie Wonder

Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

Louis Jordan

James Taylor, Natalie Cole ("Baby, it's Cold....")

The Wynford Big Band

Leslie Odom Jr.

Bob Dylan

Eartha Kitt, Henri Rene & His Orchestra

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Barbra Streisand

John Denver

Mel Tormé

Jeff Goldblum & The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra

James Brown

Meshell Ndegeocello

Willie Nelson

Johnny Cash


B.B. King

Albert King

The Weather Girls

Chuck Berry

Gayla Peevey

Allan Sherman

Bob Rivers

Tom Waits

The Pogues,with Kirsty MacColl

Harry Nilsson

George Harrison

and more......


DaveSchmidt said:

All I need to keep hearing is the Cheap Trick CD that cuethesun recommended last year.

 I love this CD. One of my favorite bands. 

Just ordered We Wish You a Metal Christmas and a Headbanging New Year for Mr. Blackcatoh oh 


Rod Stewart has a new album out!! Goodness - he’s 74! 


Rod Stewart is my 2nd favorite singer, for sure.  


“This Christmas”. Donny Hathaway. Second favorite singer ever.


The Maplewood Glee Club was great as always tonight, and the guest chorale group, from Westfield HS, was especially excellent.


The_Soulful_Mr_T said:

Rod Stewart is my 2nd favorite singer, for sure.  

 who's my first favorite singer? everybody else....


The_Soulful_Mr_T said:

The_Soulful_Mr_T said:

Rod Stewart is my 2nd favorite singer, for sure.  

 who's my first favorite singer? everybody else....



Allison Krauss and YoYo Ma -- The Wexford Carol:


One that gets overlooked, from The_Soulful_Mr._T’s favorite singer.


Not overlooked by The Sopranos. 


Sorry. I meant Baritones.

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