It's rhubarb season. Where can I find a pie?

I love strawberry rhubarb pie, but some years I don't get any at all. Don't want to miss out this year.

What else can you do with rhubarb?

Mostly desserts (nothing wrong with desserts!), quick breads, etc. but also...

Rhubarb w/orange for fantastic sauce for fowl. 

Rhubarb salsa (i think you can google it)

Do you have a yard (or maybe even a big pot?) to grow some?  It's not only yummy, but also such a treat to see the big 1-to-2"-thick red shoots powering up through the ground in early spring.


My mom used to make it as a topping for ice cream. If I see the pie at Trader Joe's or Shoprite I'll post. It is a pretty cool vegetable.

Still no pie sightings for me. LOL

drummerboy, you might try calling Wightman Farms in Morristown--in the past, they've had fresh rhubarb and a couple of rhubarb-related products.  They are also well known for their pies:

Thanks but too late! Found some at Dreyer's in Cranford.

hmmm. Now I need some ice cream....

(Didn't know of Wightman Farms though, so thanks for that. I'll check them out one day. Always in the market for a new market.)

You can also try making your own pie.  I used to do that.  I would use a ready made pie crust (oh the horror). Oronque Farms or something like that.  It was quite good, but I don't know if it's even still made or the same as it was.  And making the pie was easy.  I used the recipe from an old Joy Of Cooking and it made a good pie.     

drummerboy, even if you don't visit Wightman Farms in time for rhubarb, you might like to call them to see what rhubarb items they have available, for future reference.

Oronoque Farms still makes pretty good frozen pie crust but I have not done well with cooking rhubarb at home either in pie or sauce. Out of state, Noble Pies in Warwick, NY, makes very good strawberry rhubarb pies in season and out. There is an order form on the bakery web site.

as it happens, I haven't seen any actual rhubarb anywhere, so I couldn't have made it if I wanted to.

yesterday in Kings I almost left with something that looked like rhubarb, but turned out to be a red swiss chard.

PLENTY of nice, fresh rhubarb at the Maplewood Farmers Market yesterday, at both Alstede's and Stony Hill stands. Try the South Orange one on Wednesday.

Rhubarb sorbet with rose cream - truly sounds grown-up yummy

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