ISO a painter who shows up, does good work, and cleans up

Does anyone know how to get in touch with Olger Fallas aside from his regular business number? I rearranged my day to be home for an estimate and was met with a no-show.

Does anyone do what they say any more? Is it just me? What little patience I ever had is worn so thin it’s down to the nanometers.

It is so frustrating when someone doesn’t show.  Luis was very responsive when I worked with him on our estimate.  Maybe you could try reaching out to him. 

Luis Sivianny Quesada
Olger Fallas Painting INC
Office: 973-762-6700
Cell: 973-856-9035

Thanks, Sweetsnuggles. I’ll reach out on Monday, if only to find out what happened today. I don’t know who was meant to come, but it really bothers me when people don’t keep their commitments and don’t even bother to call. 

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