Is this some kind of package scam?


I received a UPS delivery notice from a shipper I did not recognize. 

The package required a signature, so I went to the UPS dropoff point, a convenience store in Union, to sign for and collect the package. 

Inside the box, addressed to my name and street address, were two pairs of brand-new designer sneakers that retail for well over $900 each. The packing slip inside listed my name and address, but had an unfamiliar email address and cellphone number. 

How would you interpret this? 


Strange. This doesn't make sense.

I assume not knowing about this that you did not order these sneakers. You could have refused the package. Since you opened it, it seems you accepted it by signing for it.

If you didn't order them, how did they get paid for? Did they have your credit card info? Will they bill you? If they bill you they'll have signed proof of your acceptance.


Perhaps the other email address and phone number was hoping to receive word of their delivery (ordered on your CC or Amazon account) and pick them up?


Wow.  That's incredibly creepy.  I'm so sorry.  I googled "scammer orders package using victim's address," and this is what cropped up:

Seems like you should file a police report.  


Check your credit card statement as quickly as possible. Someone may have used your card but for some reason it automatically generated a shipping address to match the billing address.

If the charge doesn't appear, it sounds like a shipping error of some kind.


i heard about something like this where items are sent to someone...don't remember the details or the scam behind it.


Mystery solved, I think. I got a call from American Airlines about a pending ticket purchase (that I did not authorize) and immediately checked all of my accounts. An account I almost never use is overdrawn by the amount of the shoes and plane ticket. The only time I've used that card was for a transaction with a contractor that took place in my house. Very creepy. 

Thanks for the feedback! The bank will restore the balance, the store will soon have its ridiculous shoes back, and nobody's going to be using that airline ticket.

Now I'm curious about how the shipment (and UPS post-it) wound up coming to my address. My guess is that entering the credit card prompted an auto-fill of my address, but that's just a guess. 


I would start by calling the vendor - it may be a mistake on their part. If not, as others said, check your credit cards as it may be a scam. A few years ago we received a laptop that was left at our door and I happened to come home early to find it.  Someone had hacked my Dell account and ordered a laptop. The police told us someone might be watching the house in order to pick it up.


The contractor must have your address, the only time the account was used.

Online shopping and electronic billing is useful but you need to watch all the time. I have alerts set for my credit card accounts, alerting me of $99 and over transactions or any transaction where the card is not present.


Some vendors want to pump up their reviews, so they ship their products to unsuspecting people and then write reviews for themselves. But if these shoes are expensive, it leaves open the question of whose credit card they defrauded to pull this off.


No need to pump up the reviews for $975 Balanciagas, I don't think. The card used to pull this off was my own. I'm just left to wonder whether a barefoot miscreant whose plane ticket to Miami has been voided will show up at my house looking for them.


You might want to cancel that credit card before the problem resurfaces.


You're right, Joan.


joan_crystal said:

You might want to cancel that credit card before the problem resurfaces.

 The credit card issuer is supposed to change the account number.


oops, meant to add: All transactions accounted for and funds are back in my account. 


Interesting , I just received an email that a Fed Ex package could not be delivered as there was no one there to sigh for it. It suggests I go to an office to pick it up. I have Lifelock so I'll see if any strange activity occurred.

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