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Hello, are there any alarm people here?  I’m looking to install a panic button system in a business where one group of employees are several floors from the rest.  What I envision is an internet enabled panic button that would be pressed when trouble arises.  Down at the other end of the business I envision an internet enabled alarm bell or something similar that would receive the signal via the internet when the button is pushed and ring.  Having a signal sent to a cell phone or email would be a second layer of protection, but not sufficient to replace the ringing bell.  It may be important to know that the panic button and the receiving bell will be connected to different wireless access points/wireless networks. 

I’ve been looking around and can’t seem to find something like this.  

any reason why it has to be internet connected? I see there are other wireless products available.

I’m guessing the distance is too far for the typical wireless doorbell that might work in a house.  The panic button would go on the 4th floor, receiving bell on the first plus a horizontal run of maybe 100 feet.  It’s a commercial building so the signal would have to penetrate lots of concrete. 

At the DPW I had a panic button for the secretary who sat at the front window by herself.   It went straight to the police dept through the landline.  Would that work for your needs?

The customer is not ready to have the panic button go to 911, police, or some other off site responder.  For now it’s just meant to sound at the other end of the complex, and they also don’t want something that will have a monthly charge.  

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